- Shasta Retreat -
Cool & Dry
"No fleas, few flys
, no ticks and no mosquitoes."
No poison oak, no poison ivy.
But children still cry when they have to leave!

* Summer COOL Weather Guaranteed

Northern California
- Cool Family Reunions -


California Family Reunions and Retreats


Your own Private Village -Secluded and Exclusive
california family reunion location

Campfire Relaxed
- Family Reunions

& Swimming Holes

Cool Summer Temperatures and Dry
Just For Your Family Reunion

  Cabin Area Grounds

Northern California -  Family Reunions and Group Retreats

family reunion california

Video -  Another Family Reunion

family reunion northern california
From the Air, a Large Retreat and No Neighbors.


Northern California
- Family Reunions -

California Cabins is a Private, Non-Public venue.
You will not find sines inviting the general public to enter.
You and your group have exclusive use of this gorgeous mountain venue and pristine grounds.

cabin and lawn
Northern California
reunion lake
Cool Summers
Commercial Kitchen

reunion lodge
Cabins area
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    Exclusive Use -  

village cabins
The Village (part view)

The common areas, commercial kitchen, games, yards and trails.

Summer Cool and Sunny

tent event     reunion kitchen2

farlake    swimming river

River girls
(Secret Swim Holes)

The Typical Day -

The cabins form a small village with a central kitchen and patio, an outdoor bar and campfire.
Children constantly move from cabin to cabin,
to the Spring House,
pond, woods or to somewhere "new". 

girl fishing

Children have outdoor games, a small pond
, acres for playing and local swimming holes.


Secluded swimming holes attract kids and adults.

Teenagers and the more adventurous explore
unspoiled local vistas, trails and lakes, and generally enjoy 
the surrounding spectacular wilderness.

Adult family reunion members often sit around the outdoor bar and campfire
with food and beverage, exchanging family information, telling new versions of old stories
and enjoying each other while the kids kids play nearby.

Weather is typically perfect; 65-85 degrees and low humidity.
Nights are typically 55-65 degrees with the starry skies centered around the Milky Way

map california
Northern California

Family Reunion Planning

      Good News for Family Reunion Planners

"Fewer Headaches" 

Everything is here!
The Commercial kitchen for meals, cabins, campfires, games and activities,
majestic pines and wonderful weather.

Children love it!
Most Adults Need It!

You're a Hero!

family reunion33 

  family reunion kitchen
Commercial Kitchen


The entire facility is for your group alone.

Everyone attending is your family

Very Inexpensive

Easy sidewalk access for age enhanced

Easy access & centrally located just off I-5 in Northern California.

Central to All Activities

Nearby attractions:

Mt. Shasta
Shasta Lake
Crater Lake
Mt. Lassen
Shasta Caverns
Shasta Dam
Castle Craigs
Pacific Crest Trail

Rates - add 5% tax

   reunion cabin        Wilderness Cabin
Gorgeous Family Cabins
and 40 Private Acres

___________ Weekdays _________

Only $
995 per Night

+ $35 /Adult per Night
Including cabin or camping

- $3 per year
(Example, a 7 year old costs $21/night
The low child rate gives a break to younger parents

NOTE: For Weekends-
Friday and Saturday nights are twice the cost


The following shows a typical charge for a family of four staying four week nights and five days
of a larger Family Reunion.

ADAMS   PerNight
 Adults (12+)   Child Age  Cost/Age Totals
John   -  $35
Sylvia     -  $35
Nate  12 -  $35
Sue    7 $3  $21  
Totals        $126 per night
      4 nights
 $504  $529.20

Looks pretty cheap!
Remember it also cost $995/day for the venue and lodging for the whole group.
Still pretty cheap ...

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This Inexpensive Rate Includes:
ALL Cabins
No Traffic
Clean Air
Pure Water
Cool Weather
ommercial Kitchen
Exclusive Use for just your Family
Your children play safely near by and cry when its time to leave!

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